Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chez Vous

For my annual birthday blow out (yes I know birthdays are supposed to be annual) landed up at Chez Vous. Now this is a french bistro type place in Mumbai. Unsurprisingly it does look to be a bit of a uphill struggle. The food ranged from the sublime to so so. Surprisingly the non main course type food was excellent. Quick nod of the head to the french onion soup, the crab cakes and the pomfret slices. Some of it was so good that we ended up ordering the same again. The main course was a bit of a disaster. The ratatouille was bleah beyond belief. The beef steaks were so so. Unfortunately it was the preparation which was so so and not the meat which was spectacular....

Memories of China - More like nightmares

Apologies for long hiatus. Work happened.

Went to Flora at Worli after what seemed like a millenium. Vague memories of Flora being good from college days led to this rediscovery. Frankly should have left sleeping memories lie. The food was downright awful. Then only redeeming feature was the dipping sauce which was awesome. I wonder how would it taste spread on a vada pav. Hey fusion cuisine is supposed to be the new buzz word right ? The bacon wrapped prawns were awful, the rice was insipid and the less said about everything else the better. Suffice to say Flora failed. The upside was dessert at Banyan tree after.

Quick food tips try the pizza appam at Soam. Gruesomely good. Also the malpuas there. Very very very awesome

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quick Life Updates

Since a decorous 9 months have passed since my last post thought it time to deliver a new post. Have now shifted to the wilds of Vile Parle East to the extreme outer rims of the universe aka Andheri East. What one does for the filthy lucre. While MIDC does have Something Fishy (Very very decent - review follows) and also hotel Samraj and Sai Palace.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Apologies and all that

Sorry for not posting in eons. Stuck in the culinary wasteland that is Vile Parle E due to work means that eating out is restricted at best to weekends. Anyway quick summary of memorable meals from last 6 months

1. Thali @ Vindhyas - Good food with everything unlimited. But VFM @ 900 bucks a thali all depends on perspective I guess
2. The matunga dosa wallah is back and then again disappeared. Pity - Egg dosas are a rarity in this city
3. Idli house in Kings Circle. Good Idlis and great variety. And of course particular soft corner since he makes Jackfruit idlis. Jackfruit is one of my favourite fruits
4. Sadichha - multiple visits. Still very good
5. Gajalee @ Phoenix - Nice but nothing inspirational
6. Asia 7 @ Phoenix - Great dimsums and a kick ass Caprioshka. Got quite smashed on those.

More i guess will be added

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Roti aur kapda gaya baad mein

Last week I had the most divine Roti ever. The flavor was so good and piping hot from the Tandoor. Worth eating by itself which is what 2 of us did. Ignored the rest of the spread and just focused on the Roti. Amazing Amazing.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Joss me up

Twas the day after new years when not a drink was being stirred. 6 beings crept towards Joss with a foul and fiendish plan to get treated by the fattest of them all.

The menu was long and the atmosphere was warm. The waiter was friendly and the ordering was copious. The Mekong Whisky Fried Prawns I say, The Smoked Salmon Nori Sounds Good, The Oriental Crab Bisque sounds risque and bring on the Teppan Grilled Eastern Veg. The eating began and it was good. The wine from Hardy's said Riesling Gewurztraminer and it was drunk by the bottle. The Jura was 10 years old and that too was sipped. But ahead lay the main course.

The main course, The main course oh what shall we have for the main course. The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain but what about the course main ? Lead on The Wood Flavored Tender Ribs, Bring out the Grilled Lamb Chops, Lay Out the Prime Tenderloin steak and reinforce with the Tataki of Prime Beef. Prithee how can we forget the Bacon Wrapped Scallops or the Nori Maki Sushi.

That was the main course, that was the main course but then what about the dessert. The dessert, the dessert give the fat one his just desserts. The Hot Kahlua Chocolate Souffle is decent I heard vouched one. And twas twas. Glory Glory Halleleujah The Hot Kahlua Chocolate Souffle is absolute pleasure and sin. How can something like this be a mortal creation ?

The bill was long and the bill was onerous but the food was excellent and the desert extraordinary so the bill was paid.

The food was worth repeating but the bill the bill, the butcher's bill...

Saturday, January 02, 2010

RIP Anantashram

Just heard that Anantashram is no more. Apparently shut down due to a family dispute. And for those who ask what is Anantashram. It was by far one of the best khanavals in Mumbai. Their crab curry was to die for. The food and the fish were just out of this world. As restaurants go it perhaps was irreplaceable. I am truly depressed.

New Year and nothing new to report

happy new year. Been a sloooowwwww couple of months. Work has been seriously hectic and not had too many opportunities to eat out. In the words of a friend - No time to experiment and have been sticking to the tried and trusted. Went to Jugheads somewhere near Powai and found it ok. Nothing startling nothing astounding just average.

Friday, November 06, 2009

All Stir Fry - Not Quite

This is one restaurant that seems to be always meant to visit but never (You know what I mean). Anyway finally made it down. The concept is interesting that you can have unlimited stir fries with noodles or rice. You can mix it in whatever combination you want and add sauces to the same. To be frank perhaps I was a newbie but the experience was underwhelming. The choice of stuff to stir fry was fairly large and the sauces were also varied. The end product sadly was lacking. The sauces tended to overwhelm and it was not that they were that great. In fact the best part of the stir fries was the one that was sans any sauce. Just stir fried with lime, ginger and garlic. That was good. A word of advice - Avoid the cocktails and stick to beer. A Sangria I had was amongst the lowlights. Last but not the least stay with the stir fries. A Papaya salad and some curry with rice was also tried but were disappointing to state it mildly.